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February 3, 2022

Here is the post on Eatmarna is an Umrah app offered by our travel agency with the cheap and best Hajj and Family Umrah Packages 2023 from the UK. Pilgrimage in Islam For Muslims, Umrah is the second and most genuine Sunnah rite. It may be conducted at any time of year. Millions of Muslims, on the other hand, travel to Makkah to make this modest pilgrimage. This is a simple act of cleaning the spirit and mind in order to bring enormous tranquility into the lives of those who practice it.

However, the emergence of COVID-19 has caused a significant disruption in this ceremony, and Muslims have not visited Makkah in several years. The Ministry of Hajj/Umrah said that the Umrah procedure will be reopened with calm for the sake of Umrah continuity. Saudi Arabia permits UK nationals to do the Umrah at the Sacred Kaaba and get the full benefits of this holy rite.

Authorities were permitted to enter the Holy Kaaba after taking stringent measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 during Umrah, including vaccination, PCR testing, and social isolation. If you want to conduct Umrah this year, you must first get permission to execute the rite with effective and established safety requirements. The pilgrim should adhere to the Umrah authority's usual precautionary procedures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• What Are the Basic Umrah Measurements?

New restrictions and requirements have been released by the Saudi Arabian government for pilgrims who intend to undertake Umrah this year. The instructions will be accessible in August, but only those who have been vaccinated are permitted to enter the Holy Mosque.

• Requirements for PCR and quarantine

The pilgrims are first instructed to give PCR test results that are expected to be negative. This exam must be completed 72 hours before arriving in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims, on the other hand, are forced to complete a quarantine process that is mandated by government regulations. The pilgrim should remain in hotels during the allowed quarantine times by the Umrah administration. To curb the spread of COVID-19 and get a permit to enter Haram, travelers should be compelled to go through this process.

Residents of the United Kingdom, on the other hand, should provide a COVID-19 immunization certificate. All of these precautions must be followed since they will aid in the protection and prevention of COVID.

• Rules of Social Distancing

There would be overcrowding and the movement of people in the Haram would be well-organized prior to COVID-19. Now, the authorities allow only a small number of pilgrims to visit Makkah, which is a clear regulation to preserve physical separation. As a result, our best travel agency guides and monitors travelers to ensure that correct social separation and mask restrictions are followed.

This time, a face mask is required to give protection against COVID-19. So, in this epidemic circumstance, we correctly advise pilgrims to undertake Umrah, making it simpler to control people and execute all Haram procedures throughout Umrah ceremonies.

• Eatmarna App for Mobile

The Saudi Authority has announced the adoption of several mobile applications to monitor, record, and track each individual's immunization and test results. Eatmarna is a useful smartphone app that may be used in public and is useful for tracking pilgrims' whereabouts. The Eatmarna app is specifically designed for Haram book-entry, allowing for the least amount of crowding in the Holy Kaaba. We will advise travelers on which app is most useful in keeping all aspects of Umrah intact during this epidemic.

Abdullah Saif

Abdullah Saif is professional travel writer especially for Hajj and Umrah Trips and services. He also writes about the general topic of Islam and Society.

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